Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lynne Featherstone: Nudity on papers fuel violence. Oh yeah!

Lynne Featherstone: Nudity on papers fuel violence. Oh yeah!

For a prominent Lib Dem to become moralistic is a bit rich, especially when Lib Dems are expert promoters of ‘alternative ways’ and in fielding porno-producers as Prospective Members of Parliament.

I have many reasons to criticize The Sun newspaper but Page Tree Girls are not one of them. If we were to follow Lynne Featherstone, the statue of David would be wearing pants and all the nude paintings in museums would be covered with black paint and that would not make the slightest difference in the way people treat each other.

Lynne Featherstone talks about role models. Is she serious? Does she really think that the pictures of naked girls published by The Sun newspaper are really taken as role models? So what about Lib Dem policies concerning sexual relationships and marriage? Do they promote role models?

I wouldn’t say that Lynne Featherstone could be accused of being a “sour face”, unless “sour face” is the way to describe an idiot that hypocritically misrepresents the views of her own political party on sexuality. Public toilet tours, anybody? No. Perhaps you should stay home and, rather than watching Page Three Girls, you should watch movies done by a Lib Dem female porno producer.     

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