Sunday, 2 September 2012

Politics and Religion are not Race

Politics and Religion are not Race

No matter how much somebody might hate the Norwegian Labour Party and no matter how much somebody might hate Islam, a Political Party is not a Race and Islam is not a Race. Therefore, a person that engages in despicable acts of violence specifically directed against a Political Party and a Religion or a person that justifies the said despicable acts of violence cannot possibly be accused of incitement to racial hatred.

In Britain we are facing a state of paranoia and those in charge of enforcing legislation are completely out of control. What is even more worrying is that those who created the said legislation are allowing Police forces in Britain to behave like the Waffen-Schutzstaffel, engaging in actions that degrade the image of Britain both nationally and internationally.

Laws that were supposed to protect us are being used against ordinary citizens that behave lawfully. Anti-Terror legislation is being used by local authorities to spy on residents. Legislation that penalizes racially motivated acts is being used as a political tool for reasons that have nothing to do with race. If the authorities engage in bully tactics, sooner than later things are going to spiral out of control with unforeseeable consequences.

Today, I watched a documentary about the War of the Roses, referring to a very bloody chapter of British history. Let us remember that Democracy in Britain is relatively new in historical terms. The Tower of London is indeed a stark reminder of how Britain used to be not long ago. If the authorities use legislation in an abusive manner, everybody should remember that whenever there is action there is a reaction.

My biggest concern is that the possibility of the rise of urban guerrillas in Britain is very real as more and more people walk away from Democracy and engage in what we could call Direct Action. I always keep in mind the Charles I/Oliver Cromwell example. Irrational acts of repression are directly linked to lack of freedom.

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