Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Borjomi water sold in UK linked to criminal investigation

Borjomi water sold in UK linked to criminal investigation

London Regional Press Office’s sources indicated that the Russian General Prosecutor’s office in Moscow is preparing to send a legal dossier requesting that several countries, including the United Kingdom, freeze assets belonging to Boris Berezovsky and his associates - among them the Patarkatsishvili family.

Our sources indicated that legal measures are being implemented due to to irregularities detected involving the operations of Borjomi, a company that sells water in the United Kingdom.
Russian investigators are tracking down assets in multiple jurisdictions as part of an unparalleled operation after it was reported that the money invested in Borjomi via several trusts and offshore companies comes from criminal sources.

The same sources have indicated that various international organisations and agencies have been called upon to help with assets recovery and to recoup the money transferred illegally by the Patarkatsishvily Family with the assistance of Boris Berezovsky.

Borjomi water is sold in London in several areas including Fulham and Tooting.

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