Friday, 21 September 2012

UKIP giving away its main political aim?

The UKIP Independence Party could enter an electoral pact with the Conservatives at the next general election, the party’s deputy leader revealed today. UKIP’s Paul Nuttall suggested that his party could agree not to field candidates against Tories if they could agree on policies towards the EU.
The news article is astonishing. I would like to ask Nigel Farage what he things about the statements made by UKIP’s Deputy-Leader – I mean the Nigel Farage that just a few months ago headed a demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament to support a Referendum on Europe that David Cameron, Conservative Party Leader, is very much against. Let us remember that David Cameron threatened his own Members of Parliament using a three-line-whip to try and force them to toe the official Conservative Party line.

A politician of the expertise of Nigel Farage knows very well that David Cameron cannot be trusted because David Cameron goes with the wind and changes direction like a rudderless ship (or should I say a rudderless airplane) and this goes something like ‘if your Ministerial Cabinet does not support a certain policy and you want to support a certain policy, you change the Ministerial Cabinet.’ In Latin America this is known as a Coup d’Etat, although rather than dissolve Parliament, which is what most dictators do, David Cameron dissolved his own Ministerial Cabinet.  The Conservatives behave a bit like a contemporary Emperor Nero or a contemporary Adolf Hitler and driven by their self-importance and greed they try to reshape the capital city by erasing entire communities.
A democrat like David Cameron who believes that peoples’ opinions are not necessary and that a Referendum is undemocratic is hardly the person you could make an alliance with. When it came to reforms of the National Health Service, doctors and nurses were not consulted. When it comes to Europe, the British people are not consulted. Under David Cameron’s leadership, foreign countries are threatened going against the very foundations of International Law. If Nigel Farage were to make the kind of deal Paul Nuttal is talking about, it would be welcomed news for the British National Party because people know exactly where the British National Party stands on Europe and also know that the position of the British National Party on Europe is non-negotiable.

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