Friday, 31 August 2012

True Racism with Ideological foundations

True Racism with Ideological foundations

Every time they accuse us of racism and xenophobia you should look at the actions of the press, the mass media, political parties and other organisations that stand as accusers. Nelson Abbey of The Voice, a Black Community publication, said loud and clear that British Foreign Policy regarding the Arab World was undeniably racist. I published a reference to an on-going situation in South Africa that involved the death of 34 Black miners and the arrest of 270 miners by an African National Congress government that used against the miners legislation created by the Apartheid Regime. The existing coverage or lack of coverage amounts to legitimizing repression that is ignored for ideological reasons.

In South Africa there is no such a thing as a Black Community. In actual fact, Black South Africans are still very much divided according to tribal differences. On top of that, the Marxist ANC went to bed with foreign companies as a matter of convenience in the very same way so called New Labour forgot about its Labour roots to become electable. Only the Daily Telegraph presented a proper account of the on-going South African tragedy while the rest of the mass media have simply ignored it or have offered accounts that legitimize repression.

Nelson Abbey explained the apparent lack of reaction regarding cases of violence of Black against Black by using the example of a family argument, something along the lines of ‘if the attacker is Black and the victim is Black, other Black people might not react’. I think that crime, regardless of the ethnicity of the victims and of the perpetrators, is crime and should always be condemned and the culprits should be punished.

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