Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Boris Berezovsky: Unreliable Witness

Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky said that he was surprised after losing his legal battle against Roman Abramovich whom he accused of having taken 3 billion pound from him in the sale of a Russian oil company.

While people like Boris Berezosvky made millions, ordinary Russians lost their livelihoods and went hungry and criminal charges were made in Russia against a man who thinks that what belongs to Russia belongs to him.

Mrs Justice Gloster called Boris Berezovsky ‘unreliable witness’ and saying that a man like Berezovsky is an unreliable witness is a bit of an understatement.

Boris Berezovsky, the man accused of providing weapons and money to Islamic extremists in Chechnya, is being protected by the British Establishment in spite of the fact that he is abusing his status by plotting against a foreign government.

When Alexandr Litvinenko died, Britain accused Russia when in fact the main beneficiary of Litvinenko’s death would have been Boris Berezovsky himself after the Russian government tried to negotiate with Alexandr Livtvinenko to get strong evidence that could make Berezovsky’s position untenable.

The innocence of Andrei Lugovoi, who came to carry out negotiations with Alexandr Litvinenko, was irrefutable proven after British experts carried out tests that indicated that Andrei Lugovoi is completely innocent and had absolutely nothing to do with Alexandr Litvinenko’s death.

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