Saturday, 1 September 2012

Special Effects that Replace Reality

Special Effects that Replace Reality

The conflict regarding foreign students that find themselves between a rock and a hard place was designed for special effects. In total we are talking about 2,000 individuals when flood immigration has been about millions. The news gets a lot of coverage and the Politically Correct establishment shows itself as ‘hard on immigration’ pretending that they are doing something to manage immigration, when in actual fact expelling 2,000 individuals would change very little.

But there is now another angle to the story. The second stage of ethnic cleansing is underway and members of communities from outside the European Union are waking up. The Establishment used Black people, Asian people and various other communities because they were available in great numbers and they were cheap. It happened at a time when most of the work needed was low-tech. Britain today, unlike the Britain of the 1950 when cheap labour was needed, needs individuals with higher qualifications. The first salvo was Tony Blair’s closing speech of the 1997 General Election: Education, Education, Education…

 In 2012, the latest event was lower GCSC marks and what teachers denounced as “a direct attack against ethnic minorities that do not perform as well as their European counterparts.” This is telling you loudly and clearly where we are heading in terms of immigration. The powers that run Britain are no longer interested in Asians, Blacks and other non-European ethnic groups. A highly automated economy needs even less manpower and being less dependent on manpower means higher returns for investments and less industrial disputes.

The Schengen Agreement that guarantees freedom of movement of European workforces is being used to replace ethnic minorities that will be suffering more and more as they are uprooted. Behind the reduction of Housing Benefits and the recently announced conditions to maintain Welfare Benefits, including benefits for the unemployed, there is a demographic strategy. Another piece of the puzzle is the recent change in legislation regarding squatters. In order to see what is going on you need to combine them.

In terms of what is happening politically, you need to pick up the cues. Bradford and Tower Hamlets tell you that ethnic minorities – who become majorities in their own turf – are organizing themselves politically independently of the so called mainstream political parties. Baroness Warsi’s argument to try and keep her position as Chairwoman in the Conservative Party is basically futile. Women and ethnic communities are no longer inclined to support political parties like the Conservative Party, the Lib Dems or the Labour Party because they have grown up and they feel tempted to support political parties of their own.

Looking at London, in places like Streatham, Peckham Rye, Thornton Heath, Elephant and Castle, white Champagne Labour Candidates are no longer needed. If Black communities got organized they could replace fancy Labour candidates from Oxford and Cambridge with candidates of their own. The Conservatives, the Lib Dems and Labour know that. A recent change of electoral boundaries threatened the position of a Black Labour MP in Streatham. In more than one way, the changes in Welfare policies have a very party political aim. By replacing populations, the political balance changes.

Some years ago, the Conservative Party tried to do an “Obama” in Lambeth. The attempt was premature, but in the process we saw the Lambeth Labour Party being accused of racism when they openly attacked a defecting Black female candidate that stood for the Conservative Party. The guarantee that Black citizens would automatically support the Labour Party no longer exists and the loyalty of community leaders is by no means certain.




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