Thursday, 11 April 2013

Islamic Divorce and its advantages

Islamic Divorce and its advantages

When certain politically correct operators defend certain practices, they fall into the trap of their own contradictions. How can you possibly say that you defend women’s rights and equality when you justify inequality?

Some years ago, a black woman was arrested when travelling on a bus in the United States. She was arrested because she refused to seat on a seat reserved for coloured people. She is remembered as a hero of the Civil Right Movement in the USA.

When Islam treats women like objects and discriminates against them even blaming them and punishing them for crimes they have not committed, what does the politically correct society say about it?

We see again and again cases of Muslim women who were victims of rape that are punished because they were raped while the ones who raped them walk away with murder. We see Muslim women treated as cows by pseudo husbands who use them and their children to collect welfare payments. What do we do about it?

So there is a divorce and not merely a divorce between man and woman. There is a divorce between what politically correct operators say and what politically correct operators do.

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