Thursday, 11 April 2013

Food problem is much worse than shortage of baby milk

Food problem is much worse than shortage of baby milk
A rising number of families are now on the very edge of financial survival and cutting down on food intake.  No, we are not talking about Zimbabwe. We are talking about the United Kingdom.
We are constantly bombarded with news about food contamination and fraud regarding food supplies but that is only the surface of what is happening right now across the UK. The big chains replaced many corner shops with pricing strategies that put pressure on producers as a way of getting rid of the competition and taking over bigger and bigger chunks of the market.
Now we have reached a stage in which big chains are putting up prices on a weekly basis and consumers that became hostages of the big chains have practically nowhere else to go to. Prices are rising in spite of the fact that the big chains are delivering less content. I presume that the fact that the value of the Pound has been falling in relative terms also has a lot to do with price rises at the shops.
We have known for a long time that this was going to happen and we cannot merely blame the financial crisis for it.  It has been created by monopolies, disastrous immigration policies and complete disregard for the economic pyramid that has been virtually inverted.  Successive governments have forgotten about primary and secondary sectors and placed all their bets in tertiary sectors (financial sector, retail operations and services).
A few years ago, Britain was importing up to 40% of what Britain eats and a small percentage of the energy Britain used. Now, we depend more and more on foreign food sources, we buy abroad much of the energy that we need and the retail sector is very much based on imported manufactured goods.
With annual salary increases that are below inflation and sudden weekly price increases of basic goods and services the situation is absolutely unsustainable. 

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