Friday, 5 April 2013

President of Uruguay calls President Fernández ‘an old hag’

President of Uruguay calls President Fernández ‘an old hag’

President Jose Mujica

Relations between Uruguay and Argentina are what you could call ‘folkloric’. In a new chapter of the rapport between Argentina and Uruguay that was bad and is getting worse, President José Mujica of Uruguay has called President Cristina Fernández Wilhelm of Argentina ‘an old hag’.

Argentina has now entered a new period of ‘Give me three’. For those who do not  know what we are talking about, here comes the explanation. The economy of Argentina is once again hitting the buffers and the price comparison between Argentina and Uruguay favours Uruguayan tourists that can now enjoy a kind of bonanza when visiting shops in Argentina while the locals have to put up with a government that spends too much time fighting for lost causes rather than trying to improve living conditions in Argentina. When visiting shops in Argentina and being told how much things cost in Argentina, Uruguayans usually reply ‘Give me three’ so instead of buying a pair of trousers they buy three pairs of trousers.

The extent of the financial crisis means that what is inflation for the Argentinean people is seen as deflation by Uruguayans. Argentina has about three times the population of Uruguay, a territory that is several times bigger than the territory of Uruguay, a vast amount of resources that Uruguay could only dream about and even so Uruguay is faring a lot better than Argentina.

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