Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Legal Responsibility and Internet

Legal Responsibility and Internet

Everybody writing on Internet and making comments on Internet should be aware of the fact that we are entering new territory in terms of legal responsibility. From now on, whatever you write and whatever you say can land you in court. The Internet is a public domain and therefore everything and anything we do in Internet is in the public domain.

I don’t like anonymity and anonymous comments and therefore I reject the reproduction of articles published on sites whose authors choose to remain anonymous. Launching attacks against other organisations and other communities using anonymity to avoid responsibility is absolutely wrong.

When an author cannot be properly identified, the entire organisation publishing a certain article is made responsible. You cannot turn around and say that you are not responsible because you copied an article that had been already published by another organisation.

Editorial discipline is a must. Failure to implement editorial discipline could prove to be extremely damaging politically and personally.   

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