Thursday, 11 April 2013

Fatherhood and Politics run along similar lines

Fatherhood and Politics run along similar lines and my experience of being a father is that too much control can be as damaging as having too little control and that you always have to struggle to strike the right balance.

Fear of persecution can become so engrained in the minds of political operators that suddenly the organisation itself starts behaving like a secretive organisation forever perpetuating stereotypes created by the mass media.

A 2012 BBC Panorama programme purposefully exploits stereotypes that have been created about the British National Party showing a BBC presenter conducting himself like some sort of secret agent, making faces for the television cameras, to reinforce public perception telling the audience 'here I am trying to report about the very secretive and dangerous British National Party.

I am very much in favour of carrying out a political campaign like somebody standing on a soap box in the middle of High Park in Central London, shouting the message of the British National Party openly, without speculating about electoral strategies and simply being there where people needs us to be.

We cannot expect our children to grow up and become independent, strong and sensible adults if we don't allow them to develop their own personality, their self-confidence and their sense of personal identity.

The British National Party reached the pinnacle of its popularity a few years ago when the British National Party was able to have many councillors, a seat in the London Assembly and two seats in the European Parliament. This was achieved because people were motivated to act and do their bid for the British National Party.

Too little control leads to anarchy and too much control leads to lack of motivation and lack of individual initiative because people come to expect that everything will be done from the centre and believe that wrongs cannot be put right. I strongly believe that the British National Party is the kind of organisation that could go a long way but I also believe that the British National Party could go a long way if and only if we manage to strike a balance betwen control and operational freedom.

The size of Britain means that delegation of power is unavoidable. The complexity of the task in hand and  geographical factors mean that the British National Party cannot be run by a small group of people sitting in an office faraway and detached from the real action.

Those of us who have worked in the London Region know that London is a gigantic and extremely complex region. In demographic terms, London is several times bigger than many countries in the world. Therefore, in terms of logistics, of human resources, we do need an independent infra-structure for the London Region.

Very often, fear of losing control and fear of defeat is what leads to loss of control and defeat.



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