Monday, 15 April 2013

Luton: Muslim extremists plotting to blow up Territorial Army Headquarters

Luton: Muslim extremists plotting to blow up Territorial Army Headquarters

Going back to the issue of identity, they might be born in Britain but they will never be British. The joke about ‘a dog born in a stable that will never be a horse’ sounds like revealed truth. It is extremely sad but alarm bells ringing everywhere.

Talking about Multiculturalism is one thing but when Multiculturalism means absolute rejection of the indigenous culture to the point of being used as justification to carry out acts of terrorism with intent to kill.
If the cultural identity of the said individuals is totally incompatible with British identity, they must be treated as dangerous aliens and dealt with accordingly. Imprisonment for the duration of the jail sentence must be followed by expulsion, withdrawal of British citizenship and ban so that they never again set foot on British soil.

A fundamental principle is that British laws must protect those are innocent and punish those who are guilty. There are many thousands of Muslims that live their lives peacefully and honourably but something in the way Muslim communities exist in the United Kingdom creates somehow a ghetto mentality and the said ghetto mentality is fertile territory for indoctrination and extremism.
The attempts to impose Sharia Law are absolutely irrational. How does Sharia Law treat those seen as terrorists? I am sure that under Sharia Law those Muslim Extremists that now stand convicted would be immediately executed without any questions asked. Those Muslims extremists are not only irrational. They are absolutely stupid because they try to destroy a country that has offered them opportunities that many of those who live in Islamic countries will never have and will only be able to dream about.

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