Monday, 8 April 2013

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died

Margaret Thatcher
I have been reading messages posted across the Internet about Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s death and I have to write about my reaction regarding the passing of a political leader of the stature of Margaret Thatcher.

It goes without saying that Margaret Thatcher was a controversial figure in British politics and not only in British politics but in the entire world. What characterized Margaret Thatcher was the fact both friends and foes knew where she stood. You could like or dislike her political views and her policies, but you always knew what Margaret Thatcher was about.

Margaret Thatcher left 10 Downing Street without losing a General Election, simply because some in the Conservative Party panicked because they lacked the required moral stamina to stick to principles.

A few days ago, the country remembered the 1982 Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands and people should forever remember that when others like Kenneth Clarke decided to surrender to the Military Junta headed by General Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri, Margaret Thatcher stood firm faced with adversity. Because of Margaret Thatcher, the Falkland Islands were recovered and the Military Junta in Argentina was defeated, events that made possible the return of democratic regimes across Latin America.

I can criticize the privatisation policies of the Conservative Party under Margaret Thatcher; I can criticize many of the failures of the Conservative Party, but I stand in admiration of a woman that reached the pinnacle of British politics. When many will have forgotten the John Majors, the Heseltines and the Clarkes, people will still remember British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Many, inside the British National Party and outside the British National Party, might disagree with my personal views and will disagree with my personal views but I will stand up and be counted and say what I think. 

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