Saturday, 6 April 2013

In Bangladesh, Islamists propose to kill all non-Muslims

In Bangladesh, Islamists propose to kill all non-Muslims

Some people say that Islam is the same as Nazism. What is happening in Bangladesh right now shows that Bangladeshi Islam is worse than Nazism.

No wonder then that in some Asian countries Buddhists are taking justice into their own hands to get rid of Muslims. Buddhist monks stated that they are afraid because there are far too many Muslims in their countries.

The picture is even more sinister when you look at countries where Muslims are killing Muslims on daily basis. Does the Quran promote attacks against other Muslims? I ask the question because the mass media propaganda that presents Islam as a religion of peace really is merely mass media propaganda and does not reflect what is happening in the real world. 

People of other religions seems to coexist in peace but Islam does not seem to live in peace not even with Muslims. The images of an Afghani Muslim girl brought to Britain with severe injuries shows what Islam is really about. Islamists tried to kill her because she wanted to go to school to get an education.

I reckon that the time for Muslims to start thinking about what Islam is really about is long overdue. What kind of religion is a religion that promotes violence against its own followers? I would say that we are not talking about a religion. It looks and sound much more like a cult of violence.

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