Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Britain: Adding insult to injury

Firstly, the British people suffered the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs because Big Capital decided to invest abroad employing cheap labour. When the economy went pear shaped and the financial sector collapsed, the British people are now told that after being deprived of their jobs they now have to pay to rescue the very same people who destroyed the economy by sending jobs abroad.

The so called mainstream political parties created false prosperity with massive amounts of borrowing with which they tried to replace the economy that they had destroyed. When the time to pay back comes, the British people are seeing what the prosperity created by Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour really means.

We live in fear having to spend hundreds of millions of pounds to protect ourselves in Britain. Why? Flood Immigration has promoted the settlement in Britain of people who are declared enemies of Britain. They don’t care about Britain. They only care about how much they can squeeze out of Britain. When British soldiers come back from the battlefields they are attacked by the very same undesirables that Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour allowed in, the ones who are milking the Welfare State making the Welfare State the biggest expenditure in the national budget.

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