Thursday, 3 January 2013

Boris will cut the Police budget by ten per cent

Boris will cut the Police budget by ten per cent
I knew Boris and others were lying when during the GLA elections they were talking about increasing the number of front line Police officers. I knew they were lying but the mass media prostitutes – namely BBC, Sky and ITV and others – massaged the electoral process and did not allow us to take part in debates.
The budget as proposed by Lib Lab Con and company was unsustainable and couldn’t possibly deliver the promises they made. So now they tell us that Boris Johnson plans a 10 per cent Police Budget Cut. Oh surprise! Any mentally retarded journalist would have known that by reading the GLA Budget.
Before the GLA election they were already transferring funds from the Fire Services to maintain some sort of normality of the Police Services by getting rid of real police officers and replacing them with volunteers elegantly called Community Police Officers as if by rebranding they could make a scandalous policy acceptable.

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