Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Britain: A Pile of Sand

Britain: A Pile of Sand

Like grains in a pile of sand, we are all interconnected and interdependent. When the Chancellor of the Exchequer cuts down the budget he is not merely cutting expenses because he is in fact cutting down jobs.

The news that Rolls Royce is about to lose about 400 workers is not the main news. The main news is that trying to protect billionaires that don’t need any additional money we have had a series of governments that have been destroying jobs by the hundreds of thousands.

The destruction of fisheries, coal mines, the erosion of farming and manufacturing by exporting jobs and flood immigration are the true causes of the closure of Rolls Royce installations and the loss of 400 jobs plus all the other jobs linked directly or indirectly to Rolls Royce jobs.

The same Trade Unions that show alarm at the loss of 400 jobs at Rolls Royce are very much responsible for job losses because they have supported Globalisation and Flood Immigration.

For ages the British National Party has been saying that we cannot go on like this and that we have to put a stop to jobs migration and flood immigration. Every time we speak against Globalisation and Flood Immigration they call us racists, Nazis, Fascists and the like.

If you want jobs in Britain there is only one way of creating those jobs. We must combat Globalisation and Flood Immigration. This is the message for the Trade Unions that are campaigning against British workers.

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