Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Action and Reaction: the Laws of Physics

Action and Reaction: the Laws of Physics

Britain is facing mortal danger. Either we stand together and face combat together or we are going to be slaughtered one by one. Events in Egypt and in other countries tell you the whole story of what is going to happen if we fail. The insidious colonisation of Britain continues apace. I wonder if both those who promote colonisation and those who live in denial think that their rights are going to survive once they are reduced to a minority.

People in many communities where the British people are already living as a minority already know full well what to expect. They are being taken back to the Dark Ages and complaisant and compliant politicians no longer stand for the local population, knowing that in order to keep their seats they have to give priority to outsiders who are now the new majorities.

When Britons are forced to request European assistance to wear the Cross, you know what the end game actually is. They call Integration what is in fact pure and simple replacement (ethnic cleansing) of British populations.

A Turkish Politician was very candid when he compared Mosques and religious temples to Fortresses. Well, you only build fortresses when you go to war. There is a war taking place right now on the British homeland. Never mind the efforts to stop Islamic intolerance in Mali and elsewhere in Africa, the Middle East and Asia Minor when we are facing death traps in Britain.

However, when there is action there is reaction. Sooner than later the pleasant lands of Britain will be the new Mali.

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