Friday, 11 January 2013

Politically Correct BBC failed to protect victims of abuse

Politically Correct BBC failed to protect victims of abuse

As it becomes evidently clear, the BBC failed in its duty of care and attacked the BNP because the BNP stands for the victims of crime. This is the conclusion regarding the abuse committed by Asian gangs, the Jimmy Savile Case and others.

For more than a decade the British National Party has been denouncing crimes and being accused of racism for denouncing crimes. What did the BBC produce? Meaningless excuses and fake apologies to cover up the fact that many in the BBC knew about crime and decided to become accomplices of crime rather than making an effort to protect people who were being abused.

Mark Thomson, former Director General of the BBC, denies having any knowledge. Well, there are those who say that they send a series of communications to Mark Thompson telling him about what was going on. Will Mark Thompson be brought to justice? I doubt it. Mark Thompson is well protected by the same cronies that help to perpetuate a culture of cover ups and abuse in the use of public monies.

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