Sunday, 27 January 2013

Cameron: They keep falling for it

Cameron: They keep falling for it

Opinion surveys indicate that David Cameron’s plan worked. The gullible have once again fallen for the same trick and they will keep falling for the same trick. David Cameron’s Conservatives saw a rise in popularity of about 4 points – still short of the 39% that support the Labour Party - and UKIP lost 4 points (that predictably went to the Conservatives because UKIP is a branch of the Conservative Party).

Nigel Farage’s assertion that UKIP would benefit from disenchanted Labour voters was unjustified and all became merely an exchange of popularity support between Conservatives and UKIP. Nigel Farage keeps saying that UKIP is not a one-issue political party and he might try to distance himself from Conservative policies but facts on the ground prove that UKIP votes are Conservative votes.

Much has been said about a Conservative/UKIP alliance and Nigel Farage said publicly that there wouldn’t be an alliance while David Cameron was at the helm of the Conservative Party. Jungle Woman Nadine Dorries MP saw her opportunity of taking revenge against David Cameron by initiating a leadership campaign – or so it seems – against David Cameron saying that there are four potential challengers (if David Cameron loses the next General Election).

Divisions in the Conservative Party in 1997 cost them the election of 1997 and Labour won a historic majority – the biggest majority ever obtained. Nadine Vanessa Dorries seems to be working for the defeat of the Conservative Party. Should the Conservatives lose the next General Election, Nadine Dorries and others would be facing another kind of creepy crawlies but not in Australia.

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