Thursday, 3 January 2013

Families are suffering while low-life individuals prosper

Families are suffering while low-life individuals prosper
The news that middle-income families spend 51 per cent of their earnings in childcare does not come as a surprise in a country in which the Welfare State is feeding criminals. One of every three pound is spend in Social Security.
Iain Duncan Smith tells us that Labour’s tax credits are used by criminals and attract unwanted people that come to Britain to milk the system. Instead of sanitizing the system, Parliament increased the amount spent in Social Security. My advice would be to abolish tax credits all together, but I know it is not going to happen because Labour and others need to spend in Welfare to buy votes to keep themselves in power.
They also tell us that 4,000 foreign murderers and rapists cannot be thrown out of Britain. My advice would be that if we cannot throw them out we should get rid of them for good and save everybody the trouble of having to cope with scum.

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