Friday, 19 October 2012

Homosexuality: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of the Judicial System

Homosexuality: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of the Judicial System
The death of a transsexual that occurred at a London Underground station and was widely reported by the press should have raised a few eyebrows, especially when the said transsexual who used to offer sexual services at a price was in fact a very successful barrister operating in English courts.
This raises serious questions about how impartial English courts really are when there is public knowledge about lawyers and judges that either offer sexual services or use sexual services provided by transsexual escorts.
Everybody’s sexuality is a very private business but if there is any suspicion concerning sexual inclinations as determining factors of legal disputes I reckon that we would be dealing with criminal cases in which the accused would be members of the legal profession.
This is as serious as or even more serious than cases of Members of Parliament or Police officers taking bribes.  When a judge makes a publicly controversial judgment, the said judge immediately becomes the focus of attention and we need to ensure that no undue or unwanted factors led to the aforementioned controversial decision.
As a publicly acknowledged homosexual, Peter Thatchell has been extremely active promoting homosexuality at all levels. Organised Churches have been under attack, the public education system has been under attack and there is talk of lowering the age of consent so that older homosexuals can pray on under-age and vulnerable individuals without being chased by the arm of the Law.
If the age of consent had been lowered, individuals like Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter and other infamous personalities would be automatically off the hook and free to carry on attacking vulnerable children.

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