Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Keith Vaz MP's £26,500 a month mortgage claims

Keith Vaz MP is said to have claimed more than £26,500 a month as mortgage payment expenses which is more than seven times higher than his income as a back-bench MP, according to a secret police report into the former minister’s finances.
Keith Vaz MP is the chap that criticizes bankers and chastises journalists. I have a feeling that he is no more than another white collar crook that joined the Labour Party to make money at the expense of those members of the British working class that are dumb enough to continue supporting the Labour Party.
For a Labour MP to make mortgage payments claims of £26,500 a month is a bit extreme. Well, it would be a bit extreme for most of us. I would like to know what kind of property he was trying to buy and why British taxpayers had to pay for it.
I have a feeling that, rather than being in the chambers of the House of Commons heading special committees, Mr Vaz should be in another kind of chamber in a prison in Brixton. Mr Vaz is also the man that was demoted when he was a member of the Cabinet under a Labour government because of some business involving foreign investors. I seem to recall that it was something involving illegal passports sold at a price.
The expenses scandal has by no means finished. It is an on-going disaster that Parliament has strived to put under the carpet in spite of the fact that putting Parliamentary corruption under a carpet would require an extremely big carpet.

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