Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Savile: Scared BBC is trying to run away

Savile: Scared BBC is trying to run away

Nothing could be more graphic than the removal of Jimmy Savile’s headstone that was taken away at 1am, in the cover of darkness, by Savile’s family ‘out of respect for public opinion’. The headstone is to be smashed and sent in a skip to a landfill.
One wonders what needs to be removed from the BBC ‘out of respect for public decency’. Yesterday, Police officers accused Savile of carrying out four decades of sickening offences on a ‘national scale'. Reports indicate that Scotland Yard received a vast amount of information and that at least 30 victims have already been identified.
Celebrities to be questioned by Police include convicted paedophiles Gary Glitter and Jonathan King.
One by one BBC myths are falling apart, one lie after another, and there might be many present and former BBC staff looking for ways to disappear and never be found.

One wonders if the BBC did not want to talk about convicted Muslim abusers for fear of attracting too much attention.

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