Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Some footballers are a mental underclass

Some footballers are a mental underclass

Trying to apply to football the same behavioural standards that we apply to society as whole is a mistake. Some of those involved in football are immorally paid mental zeroes and their behaviour in the pitch is clear evidence of who they are.

The mass media are constantly telling them that they are somebody when in fact they are nobodies that choose football because they wouldn’t be able to do anything else.

This is why we end up with high levels of aggression and constant problems generated by mindless behaviour leading to confrontation that creates more and more cases that end up in British courts.

With sacks of money and little brain, some of them end up living what they see as the ‘high life’ that more often than not feeds the gutter press that makes money out of every scandal.

Problems are now compounded by the fact that we have a mixed baggage made up of people that come from very different national backgrounds and this is leading to friction and cultural misunderstandings.

Football should be about football and nothing else. The constant series of scandals is downgrading the sport. Insults are not football. Physical attacks are not football. The beauty of the game is the display of physical and mental skills that can create a spectacle that all generations can enjoy.  

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