Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Demise of crooked Members of Parliament

BNP: The demise of crooked Members of Parliament
Despite the constant flow of articles claiming that the British National Party is no longer a political force to reckon with, the list of Members of Parliament ousted by the British National Party keeps growing. Another scalp has been added to Nick Griffin’s belt with the inevitable fall of yet another filthy and dirty handed left-wing leach in a suit.
The long-suffering public want people like the Labour Party’s Dennis McShane out of Parliament but the scandalous first-past-the post system is propping up the political underworld that now is not only linked to financial scandals but also scandals of sexual nature with criminal connotations. The list known as the Labour 25 has now reached 41. Some Members of Parliament try and escape from the arm of the law by resigning their positions and hoping that people will forget about their deeds as they try to disappear under the radar.
The British National Party sleaze busters will keep tracking and researching and finding out about the activities of all Members of Parliament without exception. What has come to be known as the Curse of the BNP has taken out another BNP hater. Just days ago, the BBC that produced a laughable smear against the British National Party before the GLA Elections found itself cornered when it was discovered that the BBC has been promoting a tax avoidance scheme and has also been honouring paedophiles and rapists and attacking the BNP when the BNP since 2001 has been denouncing criminal sexual activities.

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