Friday, 30 November 2012

Nick Griffin declared innocent – a triumph for common sense

Nick Griffin declared innocent – a triumph for common sense
I watched quite a few press reports that basically fabricated a version of events talking about something that did not actually happen and an organised attempt to penalise Nick Griffin for standing for Christian principles.
They accused the Leader of the British National Party of giving away a private address, something that he did not do. They tried their best to quash Freedom of Speech and they failed miserably. We are talking about the same mass media that goes from mass exposure and defamation to news blackout in a desperate and vain effort to keep the British National Party out of the way.
The British Broadcasting Corporation has always had the time and resources to create false reports and biased reports about the British National Party. When a demonstration takes place in front of Broadcasting House, the BBC ‘does not have enough resources to cover the event’ and opts for a mass media blackout.
I read the reply our Giuseppe got from the BBC. The explanation provided by the BBC is absolutely pathetic and the fact that many of its leaders got degrees from prestigious Universities makes you wonder about the education standards of the said Universities that one would think belong to the C. C stands for Crap with capital C that is used to justify grossly over-paid individuals that use every stratagem in the book to blackmail the authorities and to extort taxpayers’ monies.  

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