Thursday, 29 November 2012

Child Sex Abuse: Liberal or Depraved?

Lib Dem: Liberal or Depraved?

The idea that an entire political organisation can look the other way and pretend that nothing happens when children are being abused by a very high rank Lib Dem politician is a clear example of Hell on Earth. The rumour that has been floated is that in times past some Liberal Democrats put under the carpet open sexual abuses for the sake of avoiding a public scandal that could have brought down the coalition of the day.

For the sake of avoiding a political scandal, Liberal Democrat politicians are said to have treated the victims of sexual abuse with total contempt, very much in the same manner that BBC executives are said to have behaved regarding the Jimmy Savile and Company saga.

Such behaviour gives us a better understanding of where the Liberal Democrats stand when it comes to sexual interaction between adults and between adults and children and why some Members of Parliament are so much in favour of lowering the age of consent, something that in fact will allow older depraved individuals to abuse younger children with total impunity.

The case of the Liberal Democrat Porno-Producer Prospective Member of Parliament stands as a tragic-comical example of what the mainstream of the Liberal Democratic Party believe.

The statement made by Nick Clegg when confronted with the fact of having a female candidate who earns her living producing pornographic movies and selling them via the Internet was ridiculous and what is even more ridiculous is the fact that Nick Clegg seems to honestly believe what he told the mass media in an effort to glamorise the situation.

Even by the standards of the Wife Swapping Party, the Liberal Democratic Party is definitely sub-standard. In his memoirs Ken Livingstone reportedly talks about the wife swapping sessions of the Lambeth Labour Party but in any case he refers to consenting adults. The tactic of encouraging one girl to have sexual intercourse with several young males was one of the favourite recruitment techniques of the Communist Party and other political organisations that was also intended to create 'solidarity'.  

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