Thursday, 22 November 2012

BBC report about rape: No mention of identity

BBC reports about rape: No mention of the identity of the culprits

It is interesting to confirm that despite all the scandals of recent days, the BBC still avoids saying that a gang of rapists put on trial were all Asians of Pakistani origin. Fortunately, there are non politically correct individuals that will use all the necessary words to describe the offense and the identity of the offenders.

As a protector of paedophiles and rapists it is understandable that the BBC very much tries to protect those who are similar in nature to the ones promoted by the BBC, feeling that they are part of the same family and in the true sense of Multicultural Depravity. The message seems to be ‘Be Bloody Criminal and we will help you’. This was somehow reflected in several legal cases of individuals that were not deported to Muslim countries because ‘they could be stigmatized for being criminals’.   

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