Saturday, 10 November 2012

Director General of BBC falls and Lord Patten could be on his way out

George Entwistle has resigned his post as Director General of the British Broadcasting Corporation and Lord Patten, former Member of Parliament and former Governor of Hong Kong, could be on his way to become formed head of the body overseeing the BBC. Even Jeremy Paxman is said to be considering his future but he is just one of a long list of casualties since the Jimmy Savile saga started leading to blunder after blunder.

Journalistic standards have dropped in what has been characterized as basic errors of journalism and lack of respect for process. For many years, the BBC has been going down the drain driven by ideological myopia, mismanagement and journalistic incompetence. The days of glory ended a long time ago but the myth was maintained thanks to cover-ups.

The privileged few have brought down to its knees an organisation that made Britain proud. The time to bring the BBC back into the real world is long overdue. Bias, mismanagement, corruption and sheer incompetence have transformed the BBC into a shadow of its former self.

What I write I write more in sadness than in anger. The BBC was my home away from home.  

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