Sunday, 2 December 2012

There is no need for a mass media watchdog

There is no need for a mass media watchdog

What happened was due to the irresponsibility of crooked journalists led by greed and the will to survive in a world dominated by undesirables like Ruppert Murdoch intent on making money by whatever means providing he could get away with murder. When he was caught with his trousers down, mass hysteria ensued and this is why we are where we are facing the certain dangers of having a muzzled press.

It is time to face the tune and say loud and clear that we need to wipe out people who do understand that there are limits dictated by morality, something that they cannot understand because their moral codes are based on money.

Rebecca Brooks and others’ love of money is what got us into the present mess. I am sure she got quite a few kicks out of exchanging text messages with powerful politicians. In the old days, women peed themselves by watching rock stars. I reckon she enjoyed something similar by swimming in a sea created by gigantic ego and corruption that is usually also the world of big money and having the feeling that everything goes.

There are thousands upon thousands of journalists that go to work everything and write excellent articles based on real facts and proper research. Honest journalists should not be punished because of a bunch of criminals and we should not lose as a society the right to have a Free Press.

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