Thursday, 6 December 2012

In Britain people struggle but British tax money is sent abroad

In Britain people struggle but British tax money is sent abroad

George Osborne’s assertion indicating ‘we are all in this together’ increasingly sounds remarkably similar to Marie Antoinette’s reported ‘Give them cakes’. Hopefully, George Osborne will not have to suffer what Marie Antoinette had to suffer.

As the Office of National Statistics indicates that family budgets are overstretched, keeping warmth and keeping a roof are the main priorities while the amount of money spent on food is being reduced and this is coupled with the news of more and more people walking up to 20 miles to get free food handouts.

They say that people have the government that they deserve. They had the Conservatives for about 18 years, followed by 13 years of a Labour government and now they have a Conservative/Lib Dem coalition. I would perfect the expression by saying that those who do not vote get the government that they don’t want and that those who vote Lib Lab Con get exactly what they deserve.

If you vote Labour or Lib Dem you deserve not to be able to buy a new home, to be unemployed and to have children who have no access to education. During the Labour administration the population of Britain grew by not less than 12 per cent thanks to flood immigration and this is why more and more people have no access to a new home, have no jobs and face the prospect of not being able to educate their children.

What happened in Rotherham and other places is a clear indication that most people are still sleeping. The Rotherham By-Election took place because a crook called Dennis MacShane was caught up with his trousers down having unduly claimed Parliamentary expenses. What did the people of Rotherham do? They chose another Labour MP that will support flood immigration that is very much part of the root of the problems thousands upon thousands of British families face today.

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