Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Police: Lack of Moral Fibre?

Police: Lack of Moral Fibre?

Recent revelations regarding presumed actions of Police officers in charge of Diplomatic duties create extremely serious concerns. If Police Officers guarding the official residence of the British Prime Minister are de-facto liars that also collude against a Member of the House of Commons in some sort of Tulse Hill gang style plot, I would say that the Prime Minister, his family and all those who for whatever reason must approach Number 10 Downing Street are not safe.

If the said Police officers, after the most exhaustive investigation, are found guilty of fabricating evidence to destroy the reputation of a serving Member of Parliament and Member of the Cabinet, the said Police officers should be put away behind bars for a very long time. This must be done most and foremost to protect the reputation of thousands upon thousands of Police officers across the land.

There is a principle of Power and Responsibility. We should be able to trust those in authority and when those in authority fail to deliver the harsher the punishment must be for those who fail to uphold the highest standards.  

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