Friday, 28 December 2012

IMF: Impossible Mission Force

IMF: Impossible Mission Force

The Cliff Effect could detonate within 72 hours but the full blast would be felt on April 15th 2013. After the mockery of a Presidential Election, the true powers in the USA hold the key to Armageddon.

This is no science fiction. The full blast was merely retarded, postponed, but not really put out of the way. If no agreement is reached, the wave of the Day After will hit the American economy and send shockwaves across the World including the UK.

Millions live happily in sheer ignorance as if what they don’t know could not harm them. Even having a 50,000 pound salary and excellent credit references will by no means give access to new credit facilities and this is when everything will start to unravel in economies in which people are paying for food using credit cards.

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