Monday, 8 October 2012

Unemployment made worse by immigration

Unemployment made worse by immigration

David Cameron has finally recognized that unemployment is directly linked to immigration and is talking about limiting freedom of movement inside the European Union. What he does not tell you is that he is just pretending because he knows very well that unless Britain gets out of the European Union Britain will not be able to control its borders.

Like 80 per cent of news jobs end up in non-British hands, almost all new homes also end up in non-British hands as a part of a colonisation process with the aim of erasing British identity. We live in fear of terrorism and without jobs because Labour opened the floodgates that allowed terrorists to enter the country and create polygamous families fed by British taxpayers. So Abu Hamza is finally in American hands but not before spending millions of taxpayers’ money feeding his family and paying for a very expensive legal process.

During World War Two, Britain and America built internment camps for potential enemies and prisoners of war. Rather than spending money feeding the families of our enemies, we should do the same with a view to throw them out for good.

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