Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Football, Racism and British Foreign Policy

Football, Racism and British Foreign Policy

Recent events in Serbia that the media cites as related to racism have more to do with British Foreign Policy after Britain played an active role in the destruction of Yugoslavia and in the partition of Serbia by allowing a Muslim takeover of Kosovo.

Serbia has every right to be angry against Britain and reactions on the football pitch are the way Nationalist Serbs channel their anger against Britain. Serbia has always been a very proud nation. It was the assassination of an Austrian Prince carried out by a Nationalist Serb what brought about World War One.

At the end of World War Two, a proud Yugoslavia was fundamentally based on Serbian Nationalism. By interfering in a Civil War in which Britain bombed towns and bridges accelerating the destruction of Yugoslavia with blind ideological determination the Western powers created the conditions for deep rooted hatred and, having played a central role in the crisis, Britain is now harvesting the consequences of such hatred expressed on a football pitch.

The partition of Yugoslavia was a typical case of Cold War Conflict in which the Western powers sought to destroy Russian influence by destroying an entire country. Croatia had actively cooperated with the Nazis and therefore the German government was the first to recognize Croatian independence. Such was the British political myopia that Britain allowed itself to foment and actively engage in the conflict taking sides against Serbia. The now Former Soviet Union had been an ally of Yugoslavia since the days of Marshall Tito. Winston Churchill accepted Tito while being well aware of its ideological closeness to the Soviet Union.

To play football or to be influenced by football you only need an IQ of 40 but it is nonsensical and extremely dangerous to ignore the real causes of certain events.

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