Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Andrew Brons’s Old resentment leads to self-expulsion

Andrew Brons’s Old resentment leads to self-expulsion

I have been reading about the reactions to Andrew Brons’s self-expulsion from the British National Party and seen how the Marxist newspaper The Guardian, close associate of paedophile and rapist organisations and sympathizer of Islamic terrorists with anti-Jewish inclinations, has reacted.

Andrew Brons’s resentment against the British National Party goes a long way from the days of the old National Front. When the National Front went down, victim of internal divisions, Andrew Brons who also left the National Front was rejected by a former leader of the British National Party who read his intentions and decided that Andrew Brons was not the kind of individual he would want in the British National Party.

Having been rejected by the British National Party, Andrew Brons continued his career as a lecturer. Many years later, once again, he tried to join the British National Party under a new leadership and he succeeded and from the very beginning his intention was to take over the British National Party.

Once it became clear that his strategy of dividing and weakening the British National Party would not make him a popular man, Andrew Brons openly supported dissent and went as a far a providing open support for those who cooperated with the political enemies of the British National Party, including the making of a BBC Panorama programme in which his close associates tried to sink the British National Party.

A resentful Andrew Brons is now finally come to the end of the road as a poison chalice to whichever political organisation he could possibly join and once again he allows himself to be used, manipulated and abused by the enemies of British Nationalism.

If Andrew Brons was genuine he would also resign the European Parliament seat that has given him so many financial advantages and notoriety. Unfortunately, Andrew Brons was, is and will seemingly always be the kind of opportunistic individual that has a vein for treason and deceit.

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