Sunday, 7 October 2012

Spaniards flee to Argentina and Germany plans to leave Euro

Spaniards are fleeing to Argentina and Germany is planning to leave the Euro?

The waves of Latin Americans flocking to get a job in Spain are now turning into flocks of Spaniards fleeing to Argentina in total desperation, given the prospect of not been able to find a job in Spain where one in four is out of work. I suppose that we will still see on British television screens a bunch of pseudo experts using all kinds of theories trying to prove that “Multiculturalism and flood immigration are the best things that could happen to Britain”.

Germany has been printing Deutsch Marks in Switzerland but is still hesitating about getting rid of the Euro and this is happening after Angela Merkel wasted vast amounts of German resources trying to maintain an illusion. Everything begins to unravel like in a catastrophe movie and bureaucrats run around like headless chicken searching for excuses and announcing impossible schemes.

With all the evidence on the table, David Cameron is now talking about controlling migration of European Union citizens inside the European Union. What is it? A Fool’s Day Announcement? On top of the Schengen Treaty that guarantees freedom of movement within the European Union, as soon as Britain tries to stop European Union citizens from coming to Britain, Britain will be in the dock accused of violating the rules of the European Union.

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