Thursday, 7 February 2013

Huhne/Price: Explosive recording on The Telegraph

Huhne/Price: Explosive recording on The Telegraph

If we were to dig up a little bit we would discover a completely New World of Lib Dem politics. One is the rosy world they try to show us with their pretend idealism and the other is the real world of naked opportunism in which everything goes when trying to portray a false image. In the end, it is not what they say but what they actually do.

Most people know about Nick Clegg’s posturing as the nice boy in the picture of British politics. Point One: he is not British because he constantly puts Europe first rather than standing for real British interests. Point Two: he says one thing and he does another, as ten of thousands of students in Britain very well know about Nick Clegg’s promises and Lid Dem behaviour.

Lid Dems constantly talk about equality and against two-tier systems but they live happily with inequality and two tier systems. Once again we can use the example of University education in Britain.

The English, the Welsh and the Northern Irish, wherever they study within the United Kingdom have to pay Tuition Fees while Scottish students who study in Scotland don’t pay Tuition Fees. But things are even worse. While Welsh, English and Northern Irish have to pay in Scotland, some European students are exempt of Tuition Fees in Scotland. Equality? Two-Tier Systems? This is much worse than a Two-Tier System and Lib Dems are very happy about it.

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