Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sexuality and Nationalism

Sexuality and Nationalism

The constant talk about immigration has been the fact that British midwives in the NHS are reportedly a lot busier helping immigrant mothers than helping British mothers. This is merely a reflexion of statistical data. Present trends indicate that in many areas the number of babies born to immigrants have surpassed the number of babies born to British mothers even when potential British mothers vastly outnumber the number of immigrant females.

There are both financial and cultural values involved but professional expectations and the degradation of family values in British society are the root causes of a process of extinction of the indigenous populations of Britain. Local females – if they have children – tend to do so a later stage in their lives. Foreign females have more children and have them at a younger age because having children meets both cultural needs and psychological needs.

Because of cultural factors, British society makes a lot of noise talking about sex and having what they call recreational sex while immigrants talk less about sex and spend more time actually having sex and creating growing families. Even if Zero Immigration regulations were in place, present immigrant populations would ultimately replace indigenous populations.

In the 1960s, the Flower Revolution led the way to recreational sex and degradation of family values. The direct consequence of the Flower Revolution was lower rates of demographic growth. With loosening of family ties, the creation of nurseries and nursing homes became a priority. Today, an average family spends most of its income paying for childcare while those approaching the age of retirement face the prospect of having to sell their homes to pay for nursing homes. The collapse of the nuclear family and the pursuit of an ever more elusive professional success have had tragic consequences for British populations while immigrant populations with stronger family values are thriving and replacing their British counterparts.

Looking at religion and the role of religion in demographics, as Churches close down Mosques spread across the land. Churches like the Church of England have been busier than ever promoting “alternative arrangements” that do not lead to bigger families while Mosques have consistently promoted family values regardless of the fact that their family values differ from traditional Western concepts. This brings about radical political changes that ultimately will lead to the demise of Britain as we know it today.     

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