Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Huhne and Mensch: Parliamentary careers over thanks to lies

Huhne and Mensch: Parliamentary careers over thanks to lies

“They had everything and they threw everything away.” This describes the foolish behaviour of Chris Huhne (a rising political star) and Vicky Price (a talented economist). Trying to avoid a driving ban, they both tarnished their reputations and now face the prospect of spending time in jail. The rise to power sometimes blurs the divide between right and wrong.

With hindsight, accepting blame and facing a driving ban would have been a lot better than perjuring themselves. He would still be a Member of Parliament and she would still be a very successful economist. For us, yet another by-election coming as a direct consequence of Parliamentary corruption and of the weakness of an angry woman who trying to exert revenge against her husband did not think about the consequences.

But there is another loser because this is part of triangle. Chris Huhne left his wife for Carina Trimingham, a younger woman reportedly bisexual. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Carina Trimingham now faces the prospect of a relationship that has obviously ended up in tears, a tragedy played in the mass media.

The greatest concern is that people who can obviously make such errors of judgment have the destiny of the nation in their hands. For Huhne, the fall from law maker to law breaker was as meteoric as catastrophic.

We now await the fall of another great man of politics. The leader can lead but cannot outpace his own political party because outpacing his own political party would lead to political isolation and political isolation can lead to political demise. I am talking about David Cameron.

Europe is important and he has been running away from a Referendum and now says that he would offer a Referendum on Europe if he wins the next General Election. What about marriage and the concept of marriage? The concept of marriage is even more fundamental than British membership of the European Union. Going against his own political party and without giving the British people a say, he forged ahead to push forward a bill that could only become law with the support of his political adversaries – Labour and the Lib Dems.

Louise Mensch, a loose canon and now former Conservative MP, congratulated the Prime Minister for his ‘brave decision’. But this happens after she herself wasted the political efforts of Conservative voters that got her elected and some of the headlines described her political behaviour saying ‘Labour are poised to take control of a constituency where voters feel duped and used by their previous MP’s time in office’. She was one of David Cameron’s babe – a bit like one of Tony Blair’s babes – that very badly let down the Conservative Party but the mass media swiftly capitalize on her support for yet another stab in the back against the Conservative Party.
Louise Mensch justified the move saying the Democracy in Britain is representative and not direct. Well, with people like Louise Mensch and David Cameron, Democracy in Britain is neither representative nor direct because there can be no Democracy when politicians spend most of their time duping and stealing money from their constituents.

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