Saturday, 16 February 2013

Reality Shopping: Beyond Race and Religion

Reality Shopping: Beyond Race and Religion

To anybody who comes to me to call me racist and xenophobe, my direct reply is ‘the shops will not charge you less because of your Race or your Religion’. When the British National Party speaks for British jobs, the British National Party is fully aware that flood immigration has taken away jobs from those of you who living in Britain are in the most desperate situations, regardless of race and regardless of religion.

The so called mainstream political parties feeling threatened always raise the ghosts of the 1930s and 1940s and use groundless fear as a powerful weapon against their political opponents. The aim is always the same: to stop people from thinking.

The declared objective of the mass media controlled by interests directly linked to the so called mainstream political parties is to brainwash the British public on a daily basis. Practically in every election campaign they persuade the public telling them that it is either Labour or Conservative and that they have no other choice as if Labour and Conservative had always existed and were the only two alternatives.

In reality, Labour and Conservative are one and the same. They are interchangeable. They are the status quo that has destroyed the British economy and exported hundreds of thousands of jobs. The Kinnocks and Brittans, the Clegss and Camerons are one and the same.

When I see a black mother near the supermarket cashier taking items out of her shopping basket because she cannot afford to pay the rising prices of groceries and other supermarket goods, the scene acts as a reminder that the financial catastrophe created by the policies of the so called mainstream political parties is affecting those most in need regardless of race and religion and this proves, again and again, that joining the British National Party was the right decision and the only decision that I could have taken.

The mentally obtuse individuals of the politically correct classes will continue to call us racist, Fascist and xenophobe. Such shows of sheer stupidity are meaningless because I know that the British National Party stance regarding immigration and the economy is to protect jobs in Britain and by protecting jobs in Britain the British National Party is trying to protect all honest citizens that work hard and pay their taxes.

This evening I read yet another headline that creates extremely serious concerns for those who are already pensioners and for those who are saving for their retirement. A new European Union directive about to be implemented will reduce pension funds by 20%. The directive does not mention white pensioners, black pensioners or Asian pensioners. All pensioners regardless of race and religion will suffer the consequences of the greed of the European unelected bureaucrats.

As if taking more than 65 thousand million pound away from Britain every year was not enough, they now want to take more by extorting another 30 thousand million pound a year. This is yet another reason why the British National Party wants to take Britain out of the European Union. When things are hard, every penny should be invested in Britain and create jobs in Britain.  

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