Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin: a true leader

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin shows the qualities of true leadership standing for Russian Identity and for Russian Interests.

Unlike our so called leaders, the Russian leader stands for the Russian people and is ready and willing to do what is right to protect Russian people who are under attack by the forces of Globalisation that try to railroad the world destroying national identities.

When other countries promote Sodom and Gomorrah, Russia stands firms for what is natural and normal while the so called West promotes promiscuity, depravity and depravation with mass unemployment and an ever growing gap between rich and poor.

While the USA engages in illegal wars, torture, political assassinations, promotion of terrorism, extortion, sheer fraud and coup d'├ętats, the Russian Federation stands for International Law.

The so called Western countries welcome crooks, fraudsters and common criminals as the Russian Federation and the Popular Republic of China carry out a cleansing operation.

What are the most popular destinations of fraudsters? The USA, UK and Australia, where they can buy Visas and Passports at the tune of more than 3 million Pound.


  1. Deeply disturbing blog like this exists. Funny that your slogan should say "when in Britain do as the..." and here you are promoting Russia and slighting UK.

  2. The UK Government is not Britain. Those who get Britain involved in illegal wars are not the British People. The UK Government is not the UK as a country and there are rational and thinking people who do not support those running Britain.