Sunday, 2 March 2014

John Kerry talking about aggression? You must be joking

Knowing the history of American interventionism and wars of aggression, John Kerry made himself a laughing stock when he appeared lecturing the world about rights and wrongs. The USA has supported the most brutal dictatorships when it is convenient to do so and there is money to be made. So for the former Presidential Candidate to come and talk to us about aggression I guess there is too long a list of American interventionist and aggressive policies across almost every continent.

With a few exceptions, including North Korea that Sarah Palin called 'Our North Korean Friends', the USA has supported every single dictator and looked the other way when it was convenient to do so. When Richard Nixon travelled to China to seek an entente with China, violations of human rights were put aside for the sake of doing business and so have done many other politicians that praise regimes and forget what the said regimes are about.

They did the same with Noriega in Panama and countless other in Latin America enrolling the mafia, the drug trafficking cartels and all kinds of dubious operators in the name of 'Freedom'. If one day CIA records and records of other American agencies are made public the rotten smell of American Foreign Policy will be in full view for everybody to see including those who still live in denial.

There is a proven record of illegal invasions, torture, extortion and coups d'├ętat supported by the USA so for John Kerry to try and lecture the world about human rights and high moral ground is a bit rich. 

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