Sunday, 30 March 2014

We are sleepwalking towards a major European War

We are sleepwalking towards War and when people least expect they are going to be presented with a Fait Accompli. A good example is the revelation about the Turkish attempt to create a massive conflict in the Middle East using NATO.

The Turkish Plan was extraordinarily simple. Turkey was going to launch an attack against its own people and then accuse Syria of being the aggressor.

We would like to be a fly on the wall to know exactly what the State Department and the Pentagon are planning but what see is Positioning of Forces before an Attack. While for the cameras intense Diplomatic Efforts are being made, in reality the said Diplomatic Efforts are merely Window Dressing.

American Forces and British Forces are already on their way to the Baltics Region and like Adolf Hitler said, and he was absolutely right on this point, 'Armies are made for War'. Nobody mobilizes troops and Air Forces travelling very long distances unless there is already the intention to attack the Russian Federation.

Like Adolf Hitler, the US version of Adolf Hitler has made all the calculations and told its Generals that it is going to be a very quick victory and that US cities will not be bombed. British Drones will be used against the Russian Federation. The British public who is blatantly unaware of the use of British Drones to kill hundreds of civilians is also unaware that they are going to be deployed in the 'Eastern Front'.

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