Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Bob Geldof: of charitable deeds and tax avoidance

In case you were wondering about it, very little if any of Bob Geldof's money helps to fund the National Health Service, Education and other fundamental areas in terms of public services in the United Kingdom. Why? Because Bob Geldof is what is known as a Non Dom or Non Domicile and does not pay Income Tax in the United Kingdom.

Talking about Foreign Aid provided by Britain as a country, I would say that Bob Geldof has no argument to make to talk about keeping, reducing or increasing Britain's Foreign Aid since Bob Geldof is not making contribution to the Treasury from where monies sent as Britain's Foreign Aid are taken and sent abroad.

Several political parties have talked about tackling the issue of Non Domiciles and until people like Bob Geldof, Bono, and others are made to pay their right tax dues, you shouldn't feel guilty about paying your taxes. The issue of those who are more equal than others has to be dealt with.

We hear a lot from some quarters that criticize foreign companies but the same critics are not so vocal about well known individuals who happily go around making millions, presenting themselves as charitable people and avoiding tax payments.

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