Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sleep-walking towards war. Even football is being used in a brainwashing campaign.

We are sleep walking towards Nuclear War and very few people take any notice of it while US warmongering rhetoric is echoed by mass media, rhetoric that has now infiltrated sports like football that from now on are going to be a geopolitical battlefield.

When I read comments written on newspapers, listen to commentaries on radio and see what is being twitted and written in Internet Fora, I see the insidious brainwashing that make people not just accept war but very much want war.

I meet people on the streets and as soon as the subject of football or Europe comes up I see their enthusiasm for war and the blame game goes on and on and on preparing the masses for what it is going to happen. Like small children, they believe that they can go and attack somebody and that they will not suffer the consequences of their actions.

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