Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Britain: Is it the only country in which members of political parties are banned from jobs and persecuted?

In Britain, this is not true. Not everyone one that has a voice is heard or allowed to be heard. Moreover, members of certain political parties that take part in elections are banned from jobs in the public administration and even silenced by the mass media.

As if this wasn't enough, there is a very intentional approach implemented to prevent the general public from hearing the views of certain political parties and to all intents such behaviour is blatantly anti-Democratic and violates fundamental rights that should be protected in a Democratic society.

As if this wasn't enough, private organisations are financed to organise rallies that very often lead to violence against members of the said political parties and there is a deliberate attempt to demonise, libel and define political organisations and members of the said organisations. The so called blacklist do exist which means that belonging to certain political parties or having been a member of certain political organisations that legally take part in British elections have no access to jobs. This is no Democracy whatsoever.

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