Saturday, 25 February 2017

BBC banned from White House briefings

It was just a matter of time for the BBC to be banned from briefings at the White House. BBC has for months on end been biased against President Donald Trump and campaigned very much against the now President of the United States, being totally biased in favour of Hillary Clinton.

The likes of Sky News with Kate Burley could hardly hide her disappointment when Donald Trump was elected President.

Newsweek, CNN, and others bombard viewers on a daily basis with emails against President Donald Trump and did so before he was elected, misrepresenting his views and openly lying and fabricating stories based on distortion.

The BBC believed that because it is able to lie and distort in the United Kingdom it could continue lying and distorting in the United States of America.

Hollywood has now become a political organisation that uses celebrities to promote political messages against President Donald Trump. I have to say that to continue watching Hollywood trash people would do better playing cards and practising sports. The so called Oscars is a system in which a closed group of individuals vote for each other and then portray themselves as great achievers.

It is a bit like British television in which one day A interviews B and C, the next day B interviews A and C and the following day C interviews A and B. They congratulate each other for having achieved absolutely nothing and if that wasn't enough, when it happens via the BBC or Channel Four, people are forced to pay for such trash.

Real news reporting doesn't take sides. Real news reporting is telling things as they are instead of distorting what is been said.

The talking about Muslim Ban because an immigration ban was proposed regarding seven countries. Well, how many Muslim countries are there in the world? How many hundreds of millions of Muslims are there in the world? Were they all affected. The answer is no. The ban affected a very small minority of people living in merely seven countries.

Then they said that President Donald Trump was against immigrants. Another gigantic lie. President Trump talked about dealing with Illegal Immigrants and just Illegal Immigrants.

People have been marching on the streets on the basis of lies and fabrications created by mass media like the BBC, CNN, SKY and others that have distorted instead of giving a true account of what has been happening.

Idiots like Angela Merkel that took fundamental decisions concerning immigration without consulting any of the other 27 EU countries have opposed President Trump. Well, because of Angela Merkel German people are being raped and killed and she has spread the mess across EU countries that have been flooded with immigrants that very few people want. When it became self-evident that she had made a criminal mess, she tried to force EU countries to cope with the problems she created. When that didn't work, she engaged in negotiations with Turkey to stop the flood. When that didn't work she started talking about deportations and about paying people to leave Germany.

And what has done the man riding a moped wearing a helmet for anonymity to engage in illicit sexual adventures do? Well, Mr. Hollande will be out soon and until the day he leaves he will continue to create havoc. Now, French Police are seeing on the streets been chased by Islamic mobs and tourism to France has taken a hit because of the mess Fran├žois Hollande created.

Well, BBC, time to stop being the Bollocks Broadcasting Corporation, with millions paid to executives and pseudo stars at the expense of old ladies sent to jail for not paying the TV Licence.

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